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Get Certified Movers In Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to the bustling city of Fort Lauderdale, home of the reliable and efficient Fort Lauderdale mover Adams Moving. Whether you’re a residential homeowner preparing for a big move or a business owner planning an office relocation, we understand the immense amount of stress and pressure associated with the process.

Luckily, Adams Moving, a certified moving company in Fort Lauderdale, is here to ease your worries. With years of industry experience and an award-winning track record, Adams Moving delivers unrivaled professional moving services.

As your preferred Fort Lauderdale moving company, we offer comprehensive packing, loading, unloading, and secure storage solutions, the company specializes in local, long-distance, and even international moves.

With an emphasis on reliability, professionalism, and affordability, Adams Moving ensures a seamless and stress-free transition to your new location. Let’s dive deeper into why Adams Moving is the trusted choice for countless individuals and businesses in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

Adams Moving Professional Packing and Unpacking Services

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Transitioning to a new location can be an exhilarating experience, but the packing and unpacking process can often take the joy out of the adventure. Professional packing and unpacking services can significantly streamline this process.

The Process and Benefits of Professional Packing

Packing involves more than just wrapping your belongings and placing them into boxes. It requires a thoughtful approach and keen attention to detail. At Adams Moving, a leading Fort Lauderdale moving company, our local movers start by organizing your items either room-by-room or by function, depending on your preference.

Our experienced packers carefully box each item, preparing them for the journey ahead. Everything is systematically labeled so you can keep an eye on your items during the moving process. This well-maintained inventory doubles as your checklist when unpacking, ensuring that each item has arrived safely at your new home.

Choosing professional packing services from Adams Moving brings several advantages:

  1. Time-saving: Free up your schedule from the time-consuming packing process.
  2. Safety: Our professionals are trained to pack items in a way that minimizes the possibility of damage during transit.
  3. Convenience: We provide all the packing materials, eliminating the need for you to hunt them down yourself.

Special Care for Valuable or Fragile Items

We recognize that some items hold more than just monetary value; they carry memories and sentiments. Whether it’s a cherished painting, a priceless antique, or a delicate family heirloom, our packing experts handle these prized possessions with the utmost care and caution. Specialized packing materials are used to ensure an extra layer of protection for your valuable belongings, giving you peace of mind.

Adams Moving Loading and Unloading Services

After packing comes another crucial and labor-intensive step, loading and unloading your belongings, this process can significantly benefit from the expertise of a professional mover.

The Process and Advantages of Professional Loading and Unloading

Once packed, our moving team, known for its great customer service, carefully loads your belongings onto our state-of-the-art moving trucks, ensuring their safe transportation. Upon reaching your destination, we provide equally efficient unloading services.

The benefit of these services lies in the reduced physical exertion and safety risks. The loading and unloading of heavy furniture or appliances can lead to injuries if not done correctly. 

Additionally, professional movers use proven techniques to efficiently use the available truck space, minimizing the risk of movement during transit that could damage your belongings.

Specialized Services: Storage Solutions

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Sometimes, situations in South Florida, whether it’s in the Fort Lauderdale area or West Palm Beach, call for storing your possessions temporarily. In such instances, Adams Moving’s secure storage services come into play.

Description and Benefits of Our Secure Storage Facilities

Our storage facilities are climate-controlled and well-monitored to ensure your belongings stay safe and intact. These facilities offer flexible storage options, ranging from short-term to long-term, depending on your needs.

The benefits are multifold. Not only do our storage solutions offer a safe place for your items, but they also provide you with the flexibility to move at your pace without the worry of simultaneous relocation of all your belongings.

Cases Where Storage Solutions Might Be Needed

Storage solutions come in handy in several instances. If there’s a time gap between your move-out and move-in dates, if you’re downsizing and need a place to store items until you decide what to do with them, or if you’re relocating overseas temporarily, our storage facilities can provide an ideal solution.

Moving for Businesses: Commercial Moves

Whether it’s a local move or a long-distance move, business relocations require a different set of considerations compared to residential moves. Adams Moving has the experience and capability to handle commercial moves seamlessly.

Tailoring Services for Business Needs

We understand that downtime can have significant implications for a business. Therefore, we work closely with you to create a customized moving plan that minimizes disruption. Whether it’s moving office furniture, sensitive documents, or expensive equipment, we have the expertise to handle it professionally.

Benefits of Professional Moving Services for Businesses

Commercial moving services can save your business time and money. They ensure a quicker and safer move, minimizing potential damage and thereby saving repair or replacement costs. Also, by allowing professionals to handle the move, your team can focus on their work without the added stress of relocation.

Importance of Certification for Long-Distance Moves

When planning a cross-country move or any long-distance moving, a crucial factor to consider is the certifications of your chosen Fort Lauderdale movers. Certifications not only signify adherence to industry standards but also provide an assurance of the mover’s reliability.

Explanation of Licensing and Certification

In the United States, long-distance movers are required to have a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They are also expected to comply with federal laws and regulations related to transportation. Our certification stands as proof of our adherence to these laws, offering you the assurance that your belongings are in safe and capable hands.

How Adams Moving’s Certification Ensures Safety and Reliability

Adams Moving is proud to hold all the necessary licenses and certifications. Our certification means that we meet or exceed all the safety, insurance, and financial responsibility requirements. By choosing a certified mover like Adams Moving, you’re assuring the safety and security of your belongings.

Things to Know Before Hiring Certified Movers in Fort Lauderdale

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Choosing from among Fort Lauderdale moving companies, like Adams Moving, can make all the difference in your relocation experience. It’s important to be well-informed and to understand what to look for when hiring certified movers. Here are eight essential factors to consider:

1. Verification of Certification

Certification is a clear indicator of a company’s reliability and professionalism. However, you should not just take their word for it. Always verify the mover’s certification through the appropriate regulating bodies. This ensures that the company meets the necessary industry standards and operates legally.

2. Reviews and Reputation

Before hiring a moving company, it’s wise to research their reputation. Check online reviews, ask for references, or speak with previous customers if possible. Reviews provide insights into the company’s service quality, customer service, and ability to handle unforeseen challenges.

3. Insurance Coverage

It’s critical to ensure the moving company provides adequate insurance coverage for your belongings. In the event of damage or loss, the insurance should cover the replacement value of your items. Always request a clear explanation of the insurance coverage and consider taking additional coverage if necessary.

4. Range of Services

Different moving companies offer different services. While some may provide comprehensive services, including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, others may only offer transportation. Ensure the company you choose provides the range of services you require for a stress-free move.

5. Price and Payment Terms

When hiring movers, you’ll need to consider the cost. It’s important to get detailed estimates from multiple companies to compare prices. Additionally, understand the payment terms clearly. Avoid companies that demand a large deposit or only accept cash payments.

6. Company Experience

The company’s experience matters, especially if you have special items to move, like pianos, antiques, or delicate electronics. Experienced movers have the know-how to handle such items and a proven track record in managing various moving scenarios.

7. Moving Equipment

The quality of the moving equipment can significantly impact the safety of your belongings. Ensure the moving company has appropriate equipment like moving trucks in good condition, dollies, furniture pads, straps, and any other tools necessary for a safe move.

8. Flexibility

Moving plans can sometimes change at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, it’s helpful if your moving company can accommodate these changes. When choosing a moving company, ask about their policy regarding rescheduling or cancellation to ensure it aligns with your needs.

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Benefits of Hiring Certified Movers in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Engaging the services of certified movers is a crucial step in ensuring a seamless and stress-free moving experience. Here, we delve into ten specific advantages of opting for such professional help.

1. Assurance of Quality

Certified local movers in the Fort Lauderdale area are required to meet certain standards set by regulatory bodies. These standards encompass various aspects, such as equipment quality, staff training, and operational procedures, to name a few. 

By choosing certified movers, you’re essentially hiring a team that is equipped to handle your belongings with the utmost care, proficiency, and professionalism.

2. Trained Professionals

Certified moving companies ensure their teams undergo extensive training. These training programs equip the team members with essential skills such as safe lifting techniques, appropriate packing methods, and efficient loading strategies. This not only ensures the safety of your belongings but also helps in their efficient and speedy relocation.

3. Proper Equipment and Materials

Another significant advantage of certified movers is that they have access to the right equipment and packing materials. Whether it’s a delicate piece of art, bulky furniture, or sensitive electronic equipment, they have the necessary tools to handle it all. This drastically reduces the chance of damage to your items during the move.

4. Liability Coverage

Certified moving companies are required to offer liability coverage for the goods they transport. This means that in the unlikely event of any damage or loss of your items during the move, you would be entitled to compensation. This provides an additional layer of security for your valuables.

5. Efficient Time Management

Given their training and experience, certified movers can complete the moving process much quicker than untrained individuals. They can swiftly dismantle furniture, pack items securely, and load the moving truck efficiently. This not only saves you valuable time but also expedites the entire moving process.

6. Hassle-Free Experience

Perhaps the most compelling benefit of hiring certified movers, renowned for their customer satisfaction, is the peace of mind it brings. With professionals handling the move, you can focus on other aspects of the transition, such as settling into your new neighborhood or tying up loose ends at the old place.

7. Specialized Services

Certified movers often offer a range of specialized services, including packing & unpacking, temporary storage, and even setting up your belongings at your new location. Some also offer specific provisions for handling valuable or delicate items. These comprehensive services can greatly simplify your moving process.

8. Experience and Expertise

Certified movers bring a wealth of experience to the table. They’ve encountered a variety of situations and challenges, which equips them to handle any surprises that may arise during your move. Their expertise can prove invaluable, especially in the case of long-distance or complex moves.

9. Safety Considerations

Moving heavy items can pose significant safety risks. Improper lifting techniques can result in injuries, and incorrect packing can lead to damage to the items. Certified movers are trained to avoid these risks and ensure a safe moving process for both your belongings and all individuals involved.

10. Regulatory Compliance

Finally, Fort Lauderdale moving services, including those for cross-country moves, provided by certified movers, adhere to federal and state laws pertaining to moving and transportation. They stay updated on any regulatory changes and ensure their operations comply with these norms. This compliance not only ensures a legal and hassle-free move but also reflects the integrity and reliability of the mover.

Understanding the Cost of Certified Movers in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Determining the cost of hiring certified movers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a crucial part of your moving planning process. Costs can vary widely based on several factors, but understanding these components can help you make an informed decision.

Components of Moving Costs

At the core, the cost of moving services usually consists of the following components:

  1. Labor Costs: This is the basic charge for the movers’ time and effort. It’s usually calculated based on the number of movers and the hours they work. For larger homes or more complex moves, more movers may be required, increasing the labor cost.
  2. Transportation Costs: This includes the cost of using the moving truck, including fuel and mileage. Long-distance moves will have higher transportation costs due to the increased distance.
  3. Additional Services: If you choose extra services like professional packing and unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, or storage, these will add to the cost.
  4. Insurance: Most reputable movers offer basic coverage for your items at no additional cost, but you can choose to purchase additional insurance for extra protection, which will add to the overall cost.

Factors Influencing the Cost

Several factors can influence the cost of hiring a certified moving company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Here are some key elements to consider:

  1. Distance of the Move: As mentioned earlier, the farther the move, the higher the cost. This is due to increased fuel use and the time it takes to drive the distance.
  2. Size and Complexity of the Move: Larger homes with more items will cost more to move due to the increased time and labor required. If you have many large or heavy items, narrow or winding staircases, or other complications, the cost may be higher.
  3. Time of the Year: Moving companies are busiest during the summer and on weekends, so rates may be higher during these times. If possible, moving during the off-peak season or on a weekday can help reduce costs.
  4. Last-Minute Moves: If you need to move immediately and don’t have time to plan, you might end up paying a premium for expedited service.

Getting a Quote

The best way to find out how much your move will cost is to get a quote from the moving company. At Adams Moving, we provide a detailed quote outlining all the costs involved. We believe in transparent pricing, so there are no hidden fees or surprises. Contact us today to request a free quote for your move.

Why Adams Moving Should Be Your First Choice for Any Type of Move in Fort Lauderdale

At Adams Moving, we understand that every move is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater to every need and exceed your expectations. Our professional and experienced team is ready to provide solutions that make your move smoother and stress-free, regardless of the distance or destination.

1. Local Moves

Our local moving service is designed to ease the process of moving within Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding areas. We understand the unique dynamics of the local landscape and can navigate through the city with ease and efficiency.

Our team is well-versed in handling everything from packing and loading to transportation and unpacking. We treat every item with the utmost care, ensuring that everything reaches its new location in the same condition as when we packed it.

2. Long-Distance Moves

Moving across states or across the country comes with a unique set of challenges, and Adams Moving is prepared to handle them all. As certified long-distance movers, we possess the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to ensure a successful move, no matter the distance.

We meticulously plan each stage of the move to ensure that every item is secure and safe during the long journey. Our team maintains regular communication with you, keeping you informed about the progress of the move.

3. International Moves

Adams Moving is not just limited to local or long-distance relocations; we also specialize in international moves. We understand the complexities and logistics involved in moving to a new country, including customs regulations and international shipping protocols. Our international moving services are designed to handle all these details, so you donโ€™t have to.

From packing your belongings for the international journey to managing all the paperwork, we make the transition to your new country as smooth as possible. At Adams Moving, we aim to make your move a seamless and enjoyable experience, no matter where in the world you’re relocating to.


Moving, whether local, long-distance, or international, is a significant life event filled with excitement and, understandably, a bit of stress. But with Adams Moving, you can trust that your move is in capable hands. We are committed to delivering unparalleled moving services that prioritize your needs, convenience, and peace of mind.

With our team of certified professionals and our wide range of services, we promise to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

So why wait? Take the first step towards a successful move by reaching out to us today. At Adams Moving, we are always ready to move you forward.


What kind of packing materials do you use for moving?

At Adams Moving, we use high-quality packing materials, including sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and specialized covers for furniture and other large items. We take every precaution to ensure that your belongings are well-protected during the move.

Do you provide packing and unpacking services for long-distance moves?

Yes, we provide comprehensive packing and unpacking services for all types of moves, including long-distance relocations. Our team is skilled at packing items safely and securely for long journeys, and we can also assist with unpacking at your new location.

Are you a certified moving company?

Absolutely. Adams Moving is a fully certified moving company. We adhere to all industry standards and regulations, which is a testament to our commitment to providing reliable and professional moving services.

What if I need to reschedule my move?

We understand that moving plans can sometimes change. At Adams Moving, we offer flexibility with scheduling and will do our best to accommodate any changes to your moving plan.

How do you ensure the safety of my items during the move?

Our team is trained in the best practices for safely handling, packing, and transporting items. We also use top-notch moving equipment and trucks to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Plus, we provide insurance coverage for your peace of mind.

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